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Schleißheim New Palace

Large Hall


Picture: Large Hall

The Large Hall, decorated entirely in white, glorifies Max Emanuel as elector and victorious commander in the Turkish Wars. This impressive room takes up two floors and is flooded with light from the two long sides.

The only colour is in the colossal ceiling fresco and two paintings on the short sides by Franz Joachim Beich showing the military exploits of Max Emanuel. The magnificent stucco decoration of the hall with draperies and military and festive emblems was completed in 1722 by the Bavarian stucco-worker and fresco painter Johann Baptist Zimmermann from designs by the architect Joseph Effner. The ceiling painting by the Venetian Jacopo Amigoni showing "Aeneas and Turnus fighting for the hand of the king's daughter Lavinia", a contest won by Aeneas, is an allegory of Max Emanuel's road to victory.

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