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Schleißheim New Palace

Dining Hall


Picture: Dining Hall

The hall on the ground floor was redesigned from 1764 under Elector Max III Joseph and marks the transition from the rococo to the neoclassical period. Its function as a dining hall is indicated by the ceiling fresco by Christian Thomas Wink (1768-71), which shows Calypso receiving the stranded Odysseus on the island of Ogygia and preparing a banquet for him.

Set in the walls are monumental portraits of the Bavarian electors on horseback: on the fireplace side are Maximilian I and Max Emanuel, on the entrance side Karl Albrecht and Max III Joseph. Only Ferdinand Maria over the fireplace is not depicted on horseback.

The stucco-work of the cavetto under the ceiling with the seasons and signs of the zodiac charmingly represented by playing putti dates back to the time of Max Emanuel and is the work of the French artist Charles Dubut.

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