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Schleißheim New Palace

Large Cabinet in the Elector's Apartment

The Large Cabinet has none of its original furnishings. The ceiling fresco of "Apollo and the muses" was destroyed in the Second World War and has been largely reconstructed. In Max Emanuel's former study are paintings from the State Gallery by the important Antwerp masters Anthonis van Dyck and Abraham Jannsens.

State Gallery of European Baroque Art – Flemish Art



Picture: Large Cabinet

The southern section of the Large Gallery and the adjacent rooms (Elector's Apartment) are devoted to Flemish art.

Particular highlights are the two monumental paintings by Rubens, "Peter and Paul" and "The reconciliation of Jacob and Esau" (Large Gallery), and "The Assumption of Mary", the altar picture in the Chamber Chapel (Room 21).

Anthonis van Dyck, a portrait painter who was renowned throughout Europe, is represented here with several paintings including two portraits in the Large Cabinet (Room 9). The most important painter after Rubens in 17th-century Antwerp was Abraham Janssens. His "Resurrection of Lazarus", a masterpiece from the year 1607, shows the influence of Caravaggio, which spread as far as northern Europe (Room 9).

The Lüttich school was particularly important in the southern part of the Netherlands. The impressive work by Gerard Douffet, "Christ appearing to Jacob", which dates from 1648 (Large Gallery), shows the French and Italian influence typical of the paintings from this school.

The Brown Cabinet (Room 11) contains a speciality of Flemish painting, the depiction of art galleries. As the court artist of the Austrian governor of the Netherlands, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, David Teniers produced several paintings that recorded his employer's collection. In addition to these works, the room also contains small pictures showing rustic interiors by David Teniers and charming, populous scenes by David Vinckeboons.

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