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Schleißheim New Palace

Victory Hall


Picture: Ceiling fresco in the Victory Hall

Ceiling fresco by Jacopo Amigoni, "Dido receiving Aeneas"

The Victory Hall, which also served as a dining hall, was decorated with numerous motifs honouring the patron.

The ceiling fresco, "Dido receiving Aeneas", is by Jacopo Amigoni. In flight from burning Troy, Aeneas is received by Queen Dido of Carthage; Venus, depicted in heaven accompanied by amoretti, initiates a relationship between the two.

This hall was decorated in 1723-25 in the French Regency style; with its carved wall panelling, it is one of the most beautiful interiors of the baroque era. The three high, narrow wall cupboards built into the east wall were used at the time of the elector to store captured Turkish flags. Nine monumental paintings by Franz Josef Beich commemorate the victorious battles of Max Emanuel in den Turkish Wars of 1683-88.

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