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Information for people with a handicap

Picture: Schleißheim New Palace


Information for people with mobility impairment

Schleißheim New Palace


Entrance hall and ground floor accessible via ramps

  • 1st floor accessible via lift (door width: 89 cm; length: 140 cm x width: 100 cm)

  • Doorways at least 90 cm wide

  • Level, non-slip flooring

  • Seats available


Picture: Schleißheim Old Palace


Schleißheim Old Palace


Extra step-free entrance with bell to the right of the main entrance (Effnerstraße 9)


All levels accessible by lift; three lifts available, including one for the disabled


Picture: Lustheim Palace


Lustheim Palace



Picture: Mobile stair climber

Access to the palace via six steps; mobile stair climber for wheelchair users available

We kindly ask wheelchair users who would like to visit Lustheim Palace to register by telephone in advance in order to have sufficient time for the organization (provision of personnel and mobile stair climber).

  • Basement only accessible via stairs; mobile stair climber for wheelchair users available

  • Doorways at least 85 cm wide

  • Level, non-slip flooring

  • Seats available


Lustheim pavilions (Renatus Chapel, "Beautiful Stable")

Access to the pavilions via one step each


Picture: Schleißheim Court Garden


Court Garden (paths)

  • Easily passable gravel paths with few inclines

  • Seats available


Disabled parking

New Palace:

At the northern car park (Max-Emanuel-Platz); distance to the entrance approx. 150 m (paved/ gravel paths)

One disabled parking space at the southern end of the New Palace (access via Effnerstraße/ Amigonistraße); distance to the entrance approx. 30 m (paved/ gravel paths)

Old Palace: Car park at the Old Palace (Effnerstraße), distance to the side entrance for wheelchair users approx. 40 m (gravel path)

Lustheim Palace: Car park at Hochmuttinger Straße 54; no designated disabled parking spaces; distance to the entrance approx. 200 m (gravel path)


Disabled toilets

In the New Palace (upper floor) and in the Old Palace (here separate ladies' and gents' toilets)

Information for the visually impaired

  • No guidance system for the visually impaired available

  • Audio guide available for the New Palace

  • No regular guided tours

Information for the hearing impaired

  • No induction loop for hearing aids available

  • Written information available

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